Daniel T. Bregante

dbregan2 at Illinois dot edu

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellow

B.S., Chemical Engineering; Chemistry Minor: University of California, Berkeley (2015)

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Daniel was born in Berkeley, CA, and grew up in the east bay (Union City, CA). 18 years later he returned to Berkeley, where he majored in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and minored in Chemistry (B.S. 2015 with honors). At Berkeley, he worked in the labs of Prof. Thomas Maimone and Clayton Radke, where he worked on the total synthesis of complex natural products and hydrogel synthesis for contact-lens and drug-delivery applications, respectively. He is currently a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign working with Prof. David Flaherty, where he working on various chemistries, including 1) structure-function relationships governing liquid-phase oxidations in Lewis acid zeolites, 2) the activation of molecular oxygen over Cu-zeolites for partial-methane oxidation, and 3) the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide over supported bimetallic nanoparticles.

Awards [year(s) awarded]

  • [2019 – 2020] University of Illinois Dissertation Completion Fellowship
  • [2016 – 2019] National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship
  • [2018] ACS Graduate Student award in Environmental Chemistry
  • [2018] AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Travel Award
  • [2017 – 2018] Mavis Future Faculty Fellow
  • [2017 – 2018] School of Chemical Sciences Graduate Teaching Award
  • [2017] Richard J. Kokes Travel Award – North American Catalysis Society
  • [2017] Thomas J. Hanratty Travel Award – University of Illinois
  • [2016] 1st Place Oral Presentation, Annual ChBE Symposium
  • [2015 – 2016] Samuel W. Parr Graduate Fellowship – University of Illinois
  • [2014] UC Berkeley, College of Chemistry Summer Research Stipend
  • [2013 – 2014] Melvin J. Heger-Horst Undergraduate Fellowship
  • [2013 – 2014] UC Berkeley Scholarship
  • [2013] Frank Delfino Chemical Engineering Summer Research Stipend